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Priceline offers visitors a choice: Name Your Own Price - fly any time of day, on any major airline, stay in any name-brand hotel or rent from any of the top 5 U.S. rental car agencies.

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Priceline has the travel deals you're looking for. You name your price for a given itinerary and see if you receive any offers. They have one of the lowest prices on airline tickets, hotel rooms, car rentals, vacation packages and cruises that make travel more affordable.


For lowest prices, travel off-peak days. For example, you may pay more to fly on Fridays or Sundays, particularly to or from popular vacation spots, such as Orlando and Las Vegas. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and sometimes Saturdays are generally cheaper.

You'll also get lower fares on priceline airlines if you include a Saturday night stay, (though this may not be necessary if flying to Orlando, Las Vegas, and Reno).

If possible, have alternative travel dates ready.

How to find cheap air fares on Priceline?

Priceline offers bargains on flights, hotels, cruises and rental cars. Pick from a number of variables (hotel quality, car size, airports, etc.) and bid what you're willing to pay. Priceline then searches its inventory to see if any travel suppliers will accept your bid.

Priceline then searches its inventory to see if any travel suppliers will accept your bid. The tradeoff: You can't choose the precise flight times, airlines, hotels or rental car companies. Shop around at other sites, then bid at least 20 percent less at Priceline. If your bid is rejected, you often get a chance to up it. Priceline can be a good alternative when you don't qualify for other discounts, especially if you have to travel on short notice. Priceline also books vacation packages, letting you select the hotel (but not air travel times) before bidding.

Priceline allows you to "name your own price" for airline tickets. They have deals with certain airlines to enable lower air fares on certain routes. As long as the price you name is higher than the price of the ticket... they add on associated fees, bought the ticket.

When using Priceline you might have to cool your heels for 15 minutes or more before you learn if a travel deal will accept your bid. If your bid is rejected, you can revise it or you can wait 72 hours to resubmit the same bid or even a higher bid. But the potential savings can justify the sweat.

Save up to $325 when you book your hotel & flight together

Buy a Package and Save

buy your flight, hotel and rental car as a package and you can save an average of $200 over buying separately.** Over 2,000 destinations to choose from. No bidding or flexibility required just pick the exact hotel and flight you want and we'll show you the best price.

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  • Find the Lowest Price on air ticket
  • Cheap Round-Trip Flights
  • Save upto 85% off regular air fares
  • Take advantage of last minute air specials
  • Below Published Air Fare
  • Low Fares from a list of travel discounters
  • Reservations and Ticketing online
  • Save up to 70% or more on Hotels & Car Rentals
  • Exclusive Air Deals to Las Vegas, New York Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Tampa, Atlanta, Dallas, Key West Florida
  • Fixed-price retail travel products - at Priceline visitors can shop, compare, and select the final price in advance. Visitors can select their exact airline ticket, hotel, rental car, vacation package, or cruise.

*   Unless otherwise indicated, fares listed on do not include all applicable taxes, charges and government imposed fees.
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